Salo Panto is from left to right Edwin Beach (sampler, synthesizer and hand percussion), Pat Matey (guitar), Max Doyle in the foreground (bass and synthesizer), Dave Kudelka in the background (drums) and Joe Garwig (vocals and guitar).

Salo Panto are a high volume five piece psychedelic rock band based out of Portland, Oregon. Formed in the summer of 2015, a focus of Salo Panto has always been the continuity of their live performances. From the first note to the last the stops in sound are rare. With the volume levels and dynamics they pull off their live set demands attention and has grown into something that needs to be experienced to really get a proper feel for. Their musical style is a reflection of the diverse and wide ranging influences of the bands members. Well structured arrangements starting far a field in all directions coalescing into the life affirming excitement of ripping guitar solos sums up the Salo Panto approach to songwriting. Touches of everything from the classic rock of the 60's and 70's they were raised on to Pavement to Sonic Youth to Animal Collective and Unknown Mortal Orchestra can be heard in the well thought out songwriting. It covers all kinds of ground while never sacrificing the unique identity they've been carving out for themselves over the years.

Their self titled first EP released in October 2016 was recorded at Torch Toucher studios with Eric Crespo of Abronia. Multiple songs off the EP are still staples of their live set and have been developed over the years to such formidable versions of themselves they may be the best testament to the hard earned growth of the bands' sound. “20-20 Somethings”, their next EP, was released in 2018 and recorded by LT Page. It showed a band that was aiming much higher. This was followed in 2019 by the release of a two song single “Phone” recorded at dB Nation Productions by Sean Gilles which found the band exploring more ethereal facets of their style. January of 2020 saw the release of their best effort yet, “Bait EP”. Recorded at Trash Treasury by Cameron Spies of Night Heron, the 5 track EP finally comes close to matching the energy of their live performance. Front-man Joe Garwig delivers his best vocals to date on songs like “Impatient Machine” and “Tumbleweeds” while the title track reaches new levels of heaviness that leaves listeners catching their breath as Salo Panto adds another territory of sound to their toolkit. .

The magic of music is found in the unique styles and temperaments of the players moving together as one. Through years of playing together the members of Salo Panto have come to know each other well and you can hear it. From their early days at the now defunct Ash Street Saloon to a slew of rad house parties and gigging on some the best stages in town, they've never stopped pushing their sound a little further every show. They've ventured out into bigger waters before down and up the west coast spreading their high volume gospel and the future holds more of the same. Keep your eyes and ears open for Salo Panto coming to your city soon and check out their music on most streaming services. You wont be disappointed. Right on. .