About Salo Panto

Salo Panto is a 5-piece high volume psychedelic rock n’ roll outfit based out of Portland, Oregon. Well-crafted interlocking guitar lines filling out the sonic space, matched with crashing drums, driving bass lines and a tambourine technician manning the sampler give you the bands trademark sound and take on psych.

The sum of Salo Panto is so much more then it’s parts, but it’s still the best place to start

Joe Garwig, vocals and guitar. With guitar in hand he has near super powers and the only way to defeat him would be to release a herd of cute cats that would inevitably distract him.

Pat Matey, guitar. Marching to his own beat, he runs on passion and pastries.

Max Doyle, bass. The most well read member of the crew, he just knows a lot of stuff. He rarely even has to use his phone, an ever increasing rarity in this day and age.

Dave Kudelka, drums. His Dad is David.

Edwin Beach, sampler and hand percussion. Jerome on his maracas to Joe’s Bo Diddley, he’s been there since the beginning tweaking sounds on his sampler adding touches of character scattered knowingly throughout the Salo Panto soundscapes.